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Linocut and collagraph prints inspired by landscapes, seascapes and natural forms.


Artists Statement

Circular image of a collagraph print featuring a textured blue sky and waves in blue and brown

I am fascinated by the effect the natural world has on our emotional state. 

Sunlight slanting through trees in a forest, purple skies reflected in wet sand at the shoreline, the array of shapes and colours in the clouds above us every day; there is so much to marvel at.

I work in print, specifically creating linocut and collagraph prints.  I am drawn to texture so the process of making a textured plate from which to take the print is eminently satisfying.  My collagraph prints are themselves textural pieces, embossed by the surface of the plate.  In complete contrast a linocut print is flat, this means any texture in the print needs to come from the intricate process of cutting and inking the block.

My prints all begin with direct observation of the natural world around me.  I interpret this observation through photographs and sketches which form the basis of every print.  Through my prints I try to capture the essence of my experience in the natural world.



2021 February - 'Makings' Adams Gallery, Reigate

2021 March - D31 Art Prize Longlisted 

2021 November - Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

2021 November - 'About Time' The Old Fire Station Gallery, Henley-on-Thames

2021 November - Southbank Printmakers Mini Print Competition  (Tide Lines II awarded the Lucie Green Printmakers Prize) 

2022 May - 'Wild Surrey' Lightbox Gallery, Woking

2022 July - 'Making Marks' Royal Berks Hospital, Reading 



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