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Bluebell Forest

Bluebell Forest


Reduction Linocut

21x13cm print area, 28.5x19cm paper size, unframed

Printed on Kitakata 60gsm paper with deckled edges 
Limited edition of 20 prints 


This is a traditional one plate reduction linocut.  The same plate was made to print the whole edition.  Three of the five layers were printed at Wisley Craft Fair 2-6th May.  The final layer was inked in a painterly way using three colours and three rollers of varying sizes, this makes each print's exact finish unique.


This print is a celebration of the bluebells which bloom every year in the ancient woodland area of the Swinley Forest, bordering Bagshot Park.  


My prints are all made by hand, each layer of each print is individually inked and pressed therefore there are individual variations within each edition.  Every print is a unique and orginial work of art.  

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