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Storm's Coming

Storm's Coming


Collagraph with chine collé

19x24cm image size 

Printed on 300gsm Somerset paper (A/P 2 & 1/20 on white, A/P 1 & 2-9/20 on ivory)

Variable edition of 20


This is a variable edition meaning that the plate has been used to make repeated prints but the inking and the chine collé make each print unique.  


Several have been framed by Alastair Smithers Picture Framing in dark wood which perfectly compliments the ink colour, these cost £150 and canot be posted due to the glass in the frame.  Please only purchase these if you are local to Bagshot for delivery or are willing to travel to Bagshot to collect.


All prints are numbered, titled and signed.


This print is an abstract interpretation of a seascape made using two plates.  The texture in the foreground represents the flotsam and jetson, the holiday makers and dog walkers, the meeting point of land and water and the chaos, fun and drama there is to be had as you approach the shore.  The top of the lower plate has the breakers, represented by a fence like barrier; most of us do not venture beyond this point.  The sea is represented by a separate plate with horizontal lines, there are dots and bubbles reminding us of the vast world hidden beneath the surface.  In the distance storm clouds are gathering. 

The title suggests a reference to these storm clouds, but is intended as a statement of far bigger magnitude for humanity and our planet.  A storm is coming, it's probably already here, for me it is evident in the crumbling erosion of the Norfolk coastline that inspired these prints.  Although this all sounds ominous and scary the print is designed as a variable edition because there are infinite variables and nothing is for certain; a bit like printmaking!  The world has seen countless disasters and yet life continues.  This simply marks a point in time.  


My prints are all made by hand, each layer of each print is individually inked and pressed therefore there are individual variations within each edition.  Every print is a unique and original work of art.  

    PriceFrom £100.00
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