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FRAMED Treetops

FRAMED Treetops


Soft and hard ground etching with aquatint

15x20cm print area unframed
Printed on Somerset Satin 300gsm paper
Limited edition of 25 prints


This print was created by pressing dried lichen into soft ground, then using hard ground to sharpen some of the detail.  Aquatint was added to create the sky and so colour could be added in the foliage.


This print is inked a la poupée which means different colours can be added close to each other, but due to the nature of the inking process colours cannot be kept absolutely separate.  the foliage is inkng in green and sepia, the intensity will differ slightly between each print.  


My prints are all made by hand, each layer of each print is individually inked and pressed therefore there are individual variations within each edition.  Every print is a unique and orginial work of art.  

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