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MA Fine Art: Progress Update

I started my course, MA Fine Art: Digital (the digital meaning it's delivered online) at UAL Central Saint Martins in September, it's now February. I've been rather quiet on here since I started as it's really rather demanding, plus there were rather a lot of craft fairs in the run up to Christmas which took up any remaining time. Anyway I thought I would write a little reflection to share here.

So far it's been incredible! The cohort of students is global, stretching from South Korea to South America, a mixture of British ex-pats, brits at home and foreign students living in Britain, their native countries and new countries. It's the most fascinating mixture of people with art as a common thread. Many work, often in a creative position, many teach, both full time and as a side line and many are professional artists. The media's in use range from oil paints through mixed media to photography, moving image and various digital tools; I'm so excited by the people I've met!

The main reason I wanted to undertake the course was to push my work to become deeper, have more meaning and to experiment. I'm currently preparing for the interim exhibition and am planning on showing something unlike I've ever made before: a hanging collage of print suspended on printmakers scrim as a statement about the Swinley Forest and the pressures we exert upon it.

So far I'm at the testing stage, but I need to hurry up, as I've only 3 weeks to make the final piece! I'll report back once it's finished, in the mean time here are some progress pictures:

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