Jo Boddy


Monotype, linocut, collagraph and drypoint prints inspired by landscapes, seascapes and natural forms.


Artists Statement

Water; everything that inspires me comes back to water.  I am fascinated by the way light dances upon a lake, the feel and smell of salty droplets in sea spray and the ever-changing shapes and colours in clouds.    

I work in print, specifically creating linocut and collagraph prints.  I am dawn to texture so the process of making a textured plate from which to take the print is eminently satisfying to me.  The embossed nature of a collagraph print satisfies my lust for texture while in complete contrast the completely flat nature of a linocut means any texture in the print needs to come from the process of cutting and inking the block.    

I am never happier than when sat next to a body of water or staring at a huge, cloud filled sky that won’t keep still.  The very inability of water to stand still keeps me looking and the different effects water states have on our emotions fascinates me.  It is this I want to convey.


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